Another day in my world.


Ten things about me:

1.  Am a born again Christian.

2. Have been married almost 40 years (Now, People, that’s a long time).

3.  Have one son, single , 30; also a have a 3 1/2 yr old precious girl that lives with us.

4. Will be the big 60 in July (not stressing about it).

5. Have two Shih-Tzus – Sammy and Boopie.

6. Live in rural Kentucky.

7. Like to read, talk, meet new people, work, play piano, sing, cook (whenever I want).

8. Have part-time job after retiring from teaching school in 2006.

9.  Care about others and like to be positive.

10.  Have worked at Denali National Park in Alaska for 10 weeks in 2005.


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  1. Hey…I haven’t been on much lately…other things need my help LOL….but wanted to say Happy 40th Anniversary…and yes it is a long time….when you get to 53 let me know LOLOL….that is even longer…but like you…we have survived it all…lotsa good…some bad…it all makes the world go round!!!! and I love pictures of your little “sweet lpea”….and hubby’s garden…awesome….now you have a happy day with hugs…..Ora in Lexington

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