Another day in my world.

Age……what does it mean? How are you suppose to feel if your 60? Old? What does old feel like? Does it hurt? I can report that when I bend down to pick up something that I give out a grunt….I heard on the radio this morning that is one sign of getting old. So give me a check on that one.

Saturday morning while cooking breakfast I thought of something I needed at the grocery so I ran over to the cabinet, got paper and pencil and wrote it down. Now the bad news is…I evidently threw away that paper and for the life of me I cannot remember what it was. I mean this has about driven me nuts. I went back to that area of the kitchen, thinking about what I was cooking….no help. So later in the bathroom, I again reviewed my steps and suddenly I thought what it was but by the time I got back to the paper and pencil, “it” was gone. I’m really worried that my mind is slowly seeping away, like air escaping from a balloon.

I am so thankful that I’m in good health. I really have no aches or pains to complain to you about although one of my toes does have a little achy place on it, wanta hear about that? I thought not. I feel really blessed because there is so much sickness everywhere, young and old, that’s why we need to enjoy every day we have.

We have thoroughly been enjoying our garden goodies. We’ve had corn, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and the okra is almost ready. Couldn’t you just founder on these fresh veggies. We love them. I’ve had a few zucchini given to me and I’ve been making quite a few small loaves to give away and eat. I love them but then yesterday I made 3 small loaves of banana nut bread and ohhhh, it was so good. The applesauce makes the bread so moist…guess what? Applesauce is what I had written on the lost grocery list. Ha ha…now see, I’m not losing my mind after all. It has only taken 3 days to remember…applesauce, gotta have it for the banana bread which I made Saturday morning.

Be kind to the elderly and enjoy the day.


Comments on: "Yeah, I’m 60…so what?" (3)

  1. So you have joined the “60” club..Welcome! I too am blessed with good health. A little soreness here and there. I have tried to walk with Leslie Sansone (dvd) and have found it to be fun..Stay well!

  2. Annis Hoskins Halcomb said:

    Unbelievable that our class mates are 60. I can relate to the memory things. I scanned through your other blogs. I really don’t need another mixer, I just gave mine to my daughter ,thought I wouldn’t be cooking as much. Now, I’m 60 maybe I should get a new mixer. Hey, I’ll only be 60 once.

  3. Ah yes your 60 alright, but it seems like I’ve been forgeting just like that since the 50’s, but it doesn’t get any better. You have Katie, she will keep you young..All those beautiful comments and smiles.

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