Another day in my world.

Happy 4th of July..

Another day getting closer to the verdict for Casey Anthony. How can you not be all wrapped up in this trial? I feel like many of us will need detoxing after the trial is over.

Kate had her first real haircut last week at almost 4 years old. When wet, it was almost to her waist. We just cut about 2 inches off and it looks good. That little toot has thick hair and washing that everyday is rough sometimes. She is really good at taking a shower and getting her hair washed. We wouldn’t wash it everyday but she sweats and you know how sweaty hair smells. Yuk. I love for her to smell good.

I have recently put a jar of body butter next to the bed stand and at night have been slathering my feet with this wonderful pomegranate aroma. Well now every night little Kate jumps in that bed with the jar of body butter to lather those little brown legs and feet to softness. Doesn’t seem to do much to this old skin.

Kate got up at 6 a.m. this July 4 and was outside with my brother-in-law and My Fisherman picking blackberries. She put her tennis shoes, then off she went to the berry patch. She came back with a cup full of huge blackberries. My brother-in-law has the berry vines nice and neat in a row and keeps the area mowed so it isn’t a prickly patch to pick.

This afternoon we plan to pick green beans – I love to pick when they are tender and throw them in a skillet with a little olive oil and salt and cook for a few minutes. Or steamed. Or on the grill in Reynolds wrap. Anyway – beans are hanging tenderly just waiting for Kate and me to pick. She loves picking anything. We have had about 5 cucumbers and about 3 tomatoes. I peeled and sliced the cucumbers, put in jar of salt water with ice – was planning to keep in frig for our son BUT the Fisherman walked in the house and within ten minutes the jar was empty so I assume he ate them all. Oh well, better luck next time. They are so delicious right out of the garden, sliced and splashed with a little coarse salt.

I have some beautiful dill sprigs in the flower bed. Does anyone have any ideas how to use them instead of making pickles. I don’t make pickles – those days are over for me. I love the smell and have used them in a flower arrangement but I wonder about other ways to cook with them.

Enjoy this beautiful day…let’s be thankful for our blessings.


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  1. Debbie—I really enjoy reading your blog! It’s also been nice to see your dad on Sundays–he’s been visiting our church lately!

    Kelly Phillips

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