Another day in my world.

Lil' Sam...ya gotta love him

Great News – my Fisherman has scar tissue in his stomach instead of the two masses that we were told it could be. You talk about a relief – I think I may have an ulcer knot for worrying about two weeks before we found the truth. That’s what the ole cancer bug does to you. Up and down, up and down. Thank God, again, for letting me have him longer. I need him.

His appointment for his scan was on Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. – the drive was 2 ½ hours away. So we decided Kate should spend the night with our friend, Kolette. I had about made myself sick worrying about if she would be satisfied, cry unmercifully, stay up all night, etc. But I cheerfully deposited her at Kolette’s house about 5 p.m. the night before – some kids were swimming so Kate was in for a swim. Throughout the night, Kolette would text me saying Kate had not mentioned our names; then again saying she was afraid Pops and me were thinking we were more important than we actually are; then another text saying Kate was asleep. I was shocked. The next morning she was happy, never asking where the most important people in her life were. Then when I picked her up later at JJ’s house— where she had been driving little cars (Volkswagon, Cadillac, Barbie Jeep) and probably every toy that a little girl could dream having—I drive up, get out of the car….here comes Kate, JJ and Lexie out of the house to go jump on the trampoline….I’m so excited since I hadn’t seen her since the afternoon before, she looks at me, smiles that beautiful smile and trots on to jump on the trampoline. Really made me feel loved. Boo hoo. Later that night she’d say, “I missed my Mimi so bad last night.” I think she was just trying to console my feelings. Ya gotta love that kid.

Then I tell My Fisherman that I’m signing Kate up for soccer. That will be one or two days/nights a week. He yells “NO!” Evidently he thought I was asking his permission in which I replied, “Oh, I’m not asking you, just telling you.” I like to keep him informed. Right now Kate has just finished playing t-ball two nights a week, dance once a week, swim lessons once a week but the ball and swim will be over soon so we need to add another activity. I’m a great believer that children need to stay active. How I would have loved to had her opportunities.

Ok on a little funny note, this story would help if you knew Dewey, my Dad. He will be 89 in September. He has always been a perfectionist bookkeeper of his bills, income,etc. Pays his bills the day he receives them in the mail. (One of my friends once said she never paid a bill until the day it was due just in case she died and then her husband could worry about it and she could spend more money.) I guess that’s one way to look at it. Anyway Dad called me the other day in a snip – said he’d gotten his electric bill and on the back was a big note “Can the Clutter” (which the company is encouraging automatic payment withdrawal.) He thought they were calling him a “Clutterer” and took it personally. He kept saying “That’s not right” in this really serious voice. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about but tried to console him in saying I didn’t think they would pick him out individually and do this. So this morning I was getting ready to pay the electric bill from the same company and there on the back of my envelope it says “Can the Clutter” – now my question is, should I take this personally????? And hoowww did he come up with the idea that they were targeting him personally? Oh me, all I can say is don’t dwell on it.

C’mon, enjoy this day….you’ll never get it back.


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  1. georgia said:

    So glad Kate never got home sick, or never showed I’m sure she missed you both. I had to laugh with the clutter thing. Did you tell your Fisherman that he didn’t have to play soccer? ha. So thankful to God for our Fisherman.

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