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Monster Bread and Stuff

Yummy Monster Bread

All I meant to bake was a nice loaf of French-looking bread….instead I had a monster loaf..I don’t think the picture even does it justice to the size. Why, Deb, did this happen?

Let me explain. I got home about 3. While Kate played on the computer, I went straight to the kitchen…grabbed Ms. Cinnamon Kitchenaid (love this baby) and mixed up some butter buns. Thinking, hmmmm, what about a loaf of French bread instead of rolls. Sooooo, I let the dough rise, then divided it into half and rolled each roll into a jelly roll and then braided the two rolls; thankfully I did use my largest cookie sheet for the final rise. Meanwhile, I had bought a whole tenderloin for about $20 and I sliced about 6 pieces, slapped a little salt and flour, little canola oil in the skillet and fried, yeah we still fry around here in Kentucky. Then I browned a pound of burger and green onions (out of our garden), drained the fat and then mixed in 2 cans of pork n beans with some barbecue sauce and tomato juice (that we made last summer.) Then opened a can of creamed corn – I hate the stuff but everyone else loves it.

Then Kate and I took off to soccer sign ups while the bread rose. I had no idea it would take an hour and a half to sign up. This was our first time and I didn’t know she had to do all these little kicks, runs, etc. In the midst of all this, a thunderstorm sent us to the car for a few minutes. Then Kate had to potty; oh yeah, this is the norm. So we have to drive somewhere to take care of business and then back to the soccer field. After we left there we went by Kollette’s house to give her a few of the cinnabon rolls I’d made the day before. Don’t even get me started – those things are soooo delicious and rich.

Dad Dewey never brags on anything I take him and he actually brought up the subject about how good those rolls were. Whoopeee.

Ok back to the bread……………by the time we got home I could not believe the size of this spread of bread. No need to get in a huff, as Kate would say, so I slathered a little butter (the real thang) on top with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and into the oven it went. Oh, the taste was delicious. There was no reasonable way to slice it so I ripped off a big hunk and opened it half way and spooned some peach preserves. Delicious, especially with that skim milk. What can I say…I may be a genius and just no one has found out yet.

Remember all I’m looking for is a little compliment and if I can’t get it, I’ll just have to toot my own horn. Does anyone toot yours?

Enjoy the pics. I picked up the camera to take a picture of the bread cause I had to share it with you so Kate wanted her pic taken playing drums on the lawn chair with two sticks; then the other pic is My Fisherman’s beautiful flowers at the gate and yes, there are a few weeds but the colors are still beautiful and makes me smile every time I drive down the driveway.

Listen to the beat.....

Smile a little smile for me.


Comments on: "Monster Bread and Stuff" (2)

  1. georgia said:

    I can just smell that bread, looks good too, Paula is going to call you if you keep this up.. Those flowers are beautiful, made me smile too. Kate will be taking drum lessons next.

  2. Hi Deb, I am Sue you visited me about ten days ago, and I apologize for taking so long to visit you, but have been off line for just that long. Sometimes I get so busy that i don’t have time to blog at all.
    This was such a fun post to read, and the bread sure looks delicious, I love peach jam on my bread. You did good, now pass the plate. ~smile~
    Beautiful photos, of your drum player and the flowers by the fence. Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to leave me such a sweet note.

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