Another day in my world.

Monday, Monday

The weekend was full of storms and rain and wind – although that sounds dreadful, we really needed the rains for our gardens. The bad news is that lightning struck my internet….how dare it….my lifeline. I’ve had the shakes all weekend cause I couldn’t check my email, couldn’t read some blogs that I love and most of all I couldn’t play Words with Friends. So today I’m off to buy another router, probably about $50, oh well, if that was the only problem one had in life. Ha

Kate was a little distressed that she couldn’t use the laptop nor the iPad to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons, Mickey Mouse or Max and Ruby. The child almost has a computer addiction and she isn’t four yet.

Took her to McDonald’s on Saturday to play for awhile since it was so wet outside. She never tires of those climbing, sliding thingamajigs. What do these kids see in these things? She will play with whoever comes along and have a great time. My Fisherman and Kate have a new game they play – Hide n Seek – I think My F. wishes that Kate had never learned this game. As soon as he gets home in the afternoon and his feet hit the ground from the truck, she is saying “Wanna play Hide n Seek?” and somehow that little sweet voice renews his strength and as tired as he is, he usually ends up agreeing to her request. Maybe I should say you don’t have much choice when she decides on something she wants to do. Her “just one time” turns into many times.

My Fisherman and his friend caught some fish yesterday so he brought them home to clean for my brother in law. Kate was so excited – she was sticking her little hand down in the bucket with the slimy seven fish and loved when they jumped – of course, she didn’t know they were desperate for some water. So she smelled like fish which isn’t too appealing.

Made more butter buns and banana bread yesterday after church. The banana bread recipe that I posted earlier is so good. I didn’t use nuts or blueberries this time but it is so moist and tasty, especially with a big glass of skim milk. Then the rolls were perfect – that Ms. Cinnamon Kitchenaid is the berries and I love it. No kneading for me, just throw everything in that baby and let it roll. You can even leave the room if needed – it is heavy enough that it cannot dance off the counter.

My Fisherman is going for further testing in the morning to Louisville. We have to be there at 6:30 a.m. We’ll probably get up around 3 a.m. and leave by 4. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. He has a test and then we come back home and wait for a call from the doctor’s office which could be who-knows-when.

But the sun is almost shining in our southcentral Kentucky area and I’m going to enjoy this day. My Mom’s favorite verse again comes to mind, “This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Hope yours goes as well.

I’m loving receiving a few comments along and along. I hope to respond to each of those so hang in there, my dear Commenters, cause I appreciate you.


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