Another day in my world.

Is your closet full of clothes you never wear? Mine was/is but within the last year I decided that I needed to get rid of a few things. I washed and folded several blouses and skirts/pants and took them to a young 30ish lady to give to her mom. I don’t know her but seems as if she was thrilled, they fit and she was especially happy the tops were from Christopher and Banks since she loves shopping there. She was happy and I sho was happy. About once a week, I try to drag a few more things out – I’m collecting more empty hangers everytime I do this. Now I’m definitely not replacing all that I’m taking out because I had too many clothes to begin with and wore just a select few. Why do we do this?

And my poor house………..junk, clutter, stacks – why oh why do we do this? Is it the old “I might need this someday” syndrome? The other day hubby and I were looking for something in a junk drawer and I had this plastic bag of screws and some kind of brackets that fit who knows what. I say to him, “I’m going to throw these away.” “Oh no,” says he, “I might need them and will take them to the garage.” Want to guess where they are, as we speak? They were moved from the drawer to the top of the counter. I plan to throw those babies away asap!!

Kate’s clothes – this kid – what’s a feller to do? I buy these nice (expensive, gasp) clothes and shoes and she just wants to wear 2 or 3 things over and over. She has a pair of purple Nike shorts and a blue/white Kentucky Wildcat tshirt that I know the child would wear everyday if I allowed it. Having a little girl to dress after all these years is so much fun for me but she’s not very receptive of my endeavors. I try to put a guilt trip on this 3 year old in saying “I buy you all these expensive things and you won’t wear them.” She looks so sweet and says, “Don’t buy me anything else.”

I think I’ve made a little progress but plan to keep de-cluttering. I had two nice comforters for the bed in the closet….but I didn’t need them. So off they went to another home and made a teenager and pre-teen very happy. So come on, friends, let’s share the wealth. Dig in those bogged down closets and set your stuff free. Give it to somebody….you are not going to wear it or use it if you haven’t in the last year. This is so true.

I felt so much lighter after I shared my stuff with other people. Not lighter, in the way that I had lost pounds – if that was true I would do a major overhaul. I mean lighter in – it’s gone, someone is enjoying it, breathing is better. Give it a try – you’ll like it.


Comments on: "My Closets Hath Runneth Over" (2)

  1. I would not want anyone to go through my house…it is so stuff with stuff. I keep getting rid of a little bit more and a little bit more. And then there is just the stuff that comes in the mail…the insurance statements is the main thing I need to corral and get filed away. I used to file them soon as I got them, but have not been keeping at it like I should.

    Then there is the utility bills…I like to keep them till I can look back and compare costs…but don’t like to keep them forever. Still….they are just more junk….

  2. Clara Melvin said:

    Oh Deb, I could have written that post myself. I have enough clothes for ten people. There’s clothes that are to small that I keep saying “when I lose weight.”. Well, it ain’t goin’ to happen. And I have stacks and piles of “stuff ” in every nook and cranny. I can get every thing together and then I forget where I put it! LOL. The paper is a big problem for me. My son lives with me and runs his business from my house. he has boxes and boxes of papers from 15 years ago. He did take a lot of “stuff” to his storage building here lately. So I’m working on decluttering. Say a prayer that I live long enough to get all of my stacks and piles in order. I wonder if it would feel right!. We shall see!

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