Another day in my world.

Beauty in the eye of the beholder.

Weather is beautiful here today in south central Kentucky. A little warm but we won’t complain about it cause we’ve had so much rain, we welcome the sunshine.

My Fisherman’s day lilies are blooming fully and you can walk out the back patio and you have to smile – they make me happy. He’s just a born farmer; keeps the weeds out of the flower bed and his garden and then has another big patch over in the back field with potatoes, watermelons, cantaloupe. He caged his tomatoes yesterday afternoon. Makes me hungry for a fresh tomato off the vine. I’ll show pics when they start getting ripe.

I’ve ordered a strawberry topsy turvy planter with 25 strawberries included. I didn’t tell my Fisherman until after I ordered it and then when I did tell him, he said “no, don’t order it,” which I replied, “too late.” These are everybearing berries so hopefully will have berries a couple or three time during the summer.

The boys, Boopie and Sam, got a nice fresh bath last week on the patio. They weren’t too thrilled but sure smelled and looked better afterwards. Kate loves being in the water so she was a willing helper.

Scrubba, dub, dub

We sprayed some water in her little wading pool on Tuesday and she was so excited. I think she might have played in it for 5 minutes. Then out and wanting to do something else. So then we hook up the slip and slide, that didn’t last long either. I have to remind myself that a child’s attention span is their age so 3 minutes is about her limit unless she has my iPad and then it’s longer. I don’t when the cut off age is but believe me, my attention span is NOT 59 minutes.

Took Kate to the swimming pool and she loved it. She can swim pretty good but when she’s in the big pool, she still keeps her swimmies on. She will go from the baby pool to the big pool, back and forth, back and forth. She keeps that beautiful smile on her face all the time, probably gulping in lots of that chlorine water.

Tonight is the last t-ball game of the season. Don’t think any of us will cry over that. We have surely enjoyed watching Kate play. She really hustles in the field to get the ball and still continues to slyly take it away from anyone else that gets it before she does.

Let’s enjoy every day we have upon this earth, especially if we are blessed with good health, can walk on our own two feet, eat, breathe the fresh air and have ones that we love and love us.


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  1. Hi Deb! Thank you for stopping by my blog and inviting me over. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Am still laughing over the garden snake post! LOL Have a very blessed weekend.

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