Another day in my world.

Sweets for the sweet.

Banana Bread

The Suzy Homemaker mood has hit me again so I’ve been baking. I think that this is the best banana bread recipe I’ve used. Why, you ask………it is so moist you can’t stop eating it. I promise. Even my Fisherman has eaten it and he doesn’t do sweets except Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Peach Cobbler, Payday candy bars….very few sweets.

So here’s the link to that banana bread if you wish to whip up a batch:
I made 3 little loaves in my little Longaberger loaf pans – they are so cute, you almost hate to cut them but I do anyway.

Then I’ve made some yeast rolls – made them two days in a row but still haven’t got the texture I want. I did break the ole Hamilton Beach mixer that my dear mother bought me at Service Merchandise back in the early 70’s. Does anyone remember that store? Louisville had the nearest Service Merchandise back then and we bought a lot of stuff there – such as watches, appliances, etc. I was trying to use my dough hook and mix up the dough for these rolls and wham….snapped the top of the mixer from the bottom. Dough was too tough. So then I had to drag out the ole bread maker which I don’t think has ever made an eatable loaf of bread but I used it just to mix the dough. It worked but still the texture wasn’t soft enough. We did end up eating all the rolls from the last batch I made. So I’ll try again and then post pics and the recipe link of those later. They are beautiful rolls and I’m sure delicious IF you can get the texture right.

Last but certainly not least, I’ve made 4 batches of frozen strawberry jam last week. If you’ve not eaten it, I beg of you – give it a try….very easy and the best, especially when you pull out a container out of the freezer in the winter which I doubt will last that long. My brother in law has one row of strawberries. They haven’t done as well because we’ve had so much rain but I made 3 batches out of that picking. I drool as I think of that fresh strawberry taste anytime of the year. Baby food jars are perfect to freeze this jam in but plastic or glass works.

Strawberries, sugar, mix mix mix

I’ve had a sourdough starter for almost a year ; every two weeks I would end up making 3 big loaves and giving 3 big loaves away cause no one at my house would eat it except me. Delicious but will add the lbs to your body. So I’ve decided to give the sourdough up for a while and when that urge hits me again, I can ask for another start from my friend. I don’t like the pressure of having to make bread or throw away some of the starter at a certain time.

Kate and I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday after church. I let her mix up part of the batter but she enjoyed eating the chocolate chips more. Then we baked and cooled and stored in ziploc bags. My fisherman did eat several of these, but who can resist a good chocolate chip cookie?

Ohhh sweets, I could live on them.


Comments on: "Sweets for the sweet." (2)

  1. Hi Deb…nice blog and thanks for dropping by to see me…I have had to make a new one and when I post pictures they don’t show up after I publish…just a little square with a red dot in the middle LOL…click on that…I am told it brings up a picture…anyway…I have you on my “list” LOL…to check in every now and then…and I love having folks drop by..altho I don’t always blog every day…I have thought of that strawberry freezer jam…but wondered if it was worth the trouble and most of the time I eat the sberries before they get anywhere LOL…as a child we raised sberries…big fields of them…but like you say…never picked on Sunday…and I wasn’t raised in a christian family…it was just the way of things…and yes I remember that store…we had one in my home town…oh my I have rambled on and on…more later…hugs from Ora in Kentucky….PS…I love my shih tzu…and Princess was given to my as the person could not care for her…I would rather have another shih tzu….LOL…but never turn down a gift huh??? LOLOL

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry that things are not going well with your husband. Here’s a prayer that things will be better soon.

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