Another day in my world.

Remember when the Casey Anthony case first came to our attention? I was so engrossed in the happenings I could hardly wait from one day to the next to watch Nancy Grace give ole Casey down the road. How could a mother, no matter what her age might be, know that her little girl, Caylee, is missing for 30 days and not tell someone? Casey acted as if nothing was wrong, if anyone asked “where’s Caylee”, she’d say “with the nanny.” Ha – how many young, unmarried girls, unemployed have a nanny? I got so caught up in this story that my heart ached, thinking what horrors this poor little girl went thru, at first hoping she would be found alive and happy but no, when finally found she had duct tape over her mouth and was close to her grandparents home where she lived with her mom.

Then Casey was in and out of jail – she was protected in jail, keeping her to herself so no one could hurt her – people all over the U.S. were furious and ready to throw her to the wolves. Me included.

Now the case is just going to trial. Again, I am slowly getting caught up – Casey has now changed her story from “she’s with the nanny” to “she drown in the grandparents swimming pool and Casey didn’t tell anyone cause her Dad sexually abused her (Casey) when she was 8.” And yes, you read that right and no, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. This girl cannot tell the truth and now she wants the world to believe this story? I think not.

People, wake up – what is wrong in this picture? Now Casey sits at the table with her lawyer, Jose Baez – who is paying for her defense – the good people of Florida. I’m sure they are thrilled with that. The case will last 6 to 8 weeks. I know we are not to judge but when it comes to child killers and abusers and molesters, I’m glad I’m not the one in that Judge’s seat.

You can keep up with the latest at in Florida or the morning shows are reporting the events of each day.


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