Another day in my world.


Yesterday after church, Kate and I were on our way home and low and behold there were 2 mowing tractors just mowing away on the side of the road. My heart sunk as my first thoughts was “What in the Sam Hill are these guys doing mowing on Sunday?” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure not the godliest example to look at but growing up my Dad would never have mowed the yard on Sunday if it’d been shoulder high – wait, I need to correct that – he didn’t mow, my Mom push mowed. So Mom wouldn’t have either. I feel that America has lost all respect for God – Sunday is like any other day – we might go to church IF we feel like it or there’s not something better to do.

Reading many different blogs recently (in fact blog-reading, I think, is an addiction), I’ve been surprised at how many bloggers question if there is a God and some say definitely there is not. This makes me sad as I can testify that God lives daily in my life – am I just imagining it???? If so, don’t wake me up. We all have choices in life —–I choose to believe. He lives within me. I can feel Him. If you choose not, I feel sorry for you. If you’ve ever felt the spirit inside, you would agree with me.

Back to my original ramble. As a child growing up, we never ate out on Sunday, didn’t do much of anything – my Dad was very strict in this area. Today he is 88 and loves to say he hasn’t spent a cent on Sunday for a zillion years. Now I’m not like that at all but I do not use Sunday to do my weekly grocery or Walmart shopping. Why does it matter, you might say? Maybe it doesn’t to you but I feel like I should do such during the week. I do eat out on Sunday and may get gas on occasion. You’re probably saying “She’s a nut” and I admit I am but for me, it’s the right thing to do. What happened to respecting the day of rest?

Yes, I do live in the Bible belt of the USA. I can see that with each generation we are drifting more and more away from God. Look at your grandparents, how were they different from you? If time continues, the churches may all eventually close because we have found something more entertaining, that’s what it’s all about anyway….we want to be entertained. We don’t want to sit and be told what we should and should not do.

We have choices every day, what is your choice?


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