Another day in my world.

Who’s on first???

Heads up for a big hit!

This ole gal is tired today. I’m trying to act like I’m 25 or 30 or 35 or 40…..and I ain’t. Monday night I took Kate to dance class, Tuesday Kate and I spent the day with our Fisherman at the doctor then when we got home I drove about 60 miles round trip to see my Dad who was in the hospital. Wednesday night we had swim lessons, Thursday night t-ball game and today, Friday, I’m ready to stretch out on the couch but I don’t see that happening anytime in the near future.

If you’ve ever experienced watching t-ball games, you probably remember the laughs that were shared among the parents and friends. At my age I truly enjoy seeing Kate participate in all these different activities, but I ask myself if I really “got it” when my son was that age. I think not – at that time I was so busy with work, learning to be a mom, etc.

Last year Kate played t-ball, she was about 2 ½. She spent most of the time roaming around when her team was in the field. When the other team hit the ball, all the kids would run for the ball but not Kate – she would run toward the crowd of kids and then fall down in the soft grass and laugh. Someone would have to get her up and get ready for the next batter. Once she hit the ball and then strolled over to the dugout – I said, “Kate, run to first.” She said, “Nah, I don’t want to play anymore.” Finally a little bribe of popcorn following the game got her attention. Love that popcorn.

This year she has been so much more mature. She loves the games. The problem this year is that when her team is in the field, she wants to get all the balls that are hit and throw them back to the coach. If another kid gets the ball, she kindly walks up and puts that little hand out and 99% of the time, the other kid hands over the ball to her. Not sure what she’s saying but it’s working for her.

After the game, we head to the snack stand and buy popcorn, that still works too.


Comments on: "Who’s on first???" (2)

  1. georgia said:

    Thank you, you need to keep this up.

  2. georgia said:

    I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, sad, happy and mixed feelings inside. Glad you did this and shared it with me, I’m not very strong right now, Thank you and pray. Keep it up.

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