Another day in my world.

The most dreaded word you want to hear from a doctor has to be “cancer”. You have more than likely had it affect you through a family member or friend. Everyday it seems someone else has…..shhhhh…… “cancer”. So now the victim isn’t one of us cause they now have “it.”

Life can be so changeable in the snap of your finger. An ingrained memory for me was in April of 2000 (wasn’t that the year when the world was suppose to end?). My Fisherman had worked on construction all day, came in the basement to clean up before coming upstairs. We were laughing and talking about our day at work.

About 6 p.m. he started in the bathroom to take his shower and the phone rang. Our family doctor asked for my husband; when he came to the phone, Doc says “I’m sure you have prostate cancer.” I guess that’s one way of not beating around the bush. As I look back, I said “Doc knows what a hard head you are and he had to just blurt it out to get your attention.” This was the results from a blood test he had had several weeks earlier that we had almost forgotten about.

With that one phone call our lives changed dramatically. We then started the hurry up and wait game. We would rush to have tests done but then have to wait, wait, wait for the results. No news was good news. Surgery was planned within a couple of weeks. The doctor said he was a miracle to have survived.

Since then he has had 3 more surgeries, a lipoma in the left thigh; then it came back; then it came back again – the last time the tumor was now a sarcoma (not a good word) and was the size of a watermelon. Radiation for five weeks followed the surgery. Yuk.

The cancer specialist then said, “Oh, it’s just a matter of time, it’ll show up somewhere else.” Isn’t that encouraging? My Fisherman goes back continuously to 3 different doctors for tests and check ups. Recently he felt a place in his stomach – more tests – results 2 weeks later read that it’s “nothing to really worry about” – looks like scar tissues or a hematoma – but let’s do an MRI just in case. So now we are waiting until next week to hear the results of the MRI.

Hey – but good news – the sun is shining today in southcentral Kentucky and I’ve seen many smiling faces today.


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