Another day in my world.

This spring has been very rainy and cloudy in southern Kentucky. Today Kate and I went to church. As we drove toward the church, she says “I love to go to church.” I wonder how long she will continue to say that – she’s now 3 1/2. It worries me that this upcoming generation could attend church less and less. So many other things to do – more fun – and many don’t see the importance of serving God. Anyone that truly has the love of God in their heart has that desire to worship him, go to church to hear the word.

Today we had a great service. The music and singing so touching to the soul – the beautiful voices singing from their heart. At the end of the service the preacher had the congregation hum “Amazing Grace” as the organ player played the song. Can you imagine the sound of over 100 people humming it – he had talked about the slaves humming as they worked many years ago. Just think about it.

I’ve heard Praise Teams sing at different churches but this particular group of young women are wonderful. I admire each one of them and their precious voices will touch you to the core. I love it.

I’m so thankful for our freedom to live our lives as we choose. Should we worry when our loved ones don’t believe as we do? I do.

Kate wanted to eat at Wendy’s today. The ole chicken nugget kid’s meal – isn’t it great? While in line a young divorced guy came in with his 5 yr old daughter and 4 yr old son that Kate goes to day care with. We ended up sitting with them. I sat across from the 3 kids and they are so precious. My heart aches for these young children – their parents already divorced – time divided amongst the mom and dad. Why? Although their little hearts have ached over the loss of a full time parent – there are many other children that are being abused and kicked around but still my heart aches for these good kids too.

If you have a nice warm house, something to eat and peace, give thanks.


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