Another day in my world.

Knockout Roses

You would think the woman of the house is the keeper of the flowers BUT not at my house – my Fisherman loves flowers and working in the dirt. We have a long patio the length of our house and the flower bed runs the same length. In one area there are several Day Lilies which bloom all summer and are so beautiful and cheerful.

His beautiful Knockout Rose bush was given to him by his sister for a birthday and it has grown so fast. The only problem is the spread is about to cover the poor asparagus plant so a change is probably coming in the future.

We always set out two large tomato plants at the far end of the flower bed so we can protect them and have tomatoes up to about November. I have a few herbs – I love the smell of dill and love to just squish it between my fingers. Then I have a lemon balm that smells so lemony and fresh.

My Fisherman loves the garden and he has already planted corn (Peaches and Cream – delicious), potatoes, onions, and has the tomato plants to set out soon. We love eating fresh veggies throughout the summer.

Keep in touch for more garden pictures as summer continues.


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  1. There is nothing better than fresh garden food!

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