Another day in my world.

Cupcakes = FUN

Stir, stir, stir

Another cloudy day at Lake Cumberland is not always bad. At least it didn’t rain today. Kate has gotten quite bored today since it’s about 40 degrees and too cold to play outside. About 4 p.m. out of the clear blue, she says “Let’s make cupcakes.” So we did.

I pulled out a Funfetti cake mix, poured the mix in a bowl, water, oil and eggs – she stirred a little and then said her “arm was hurting.” All that stirring, I’m sure. So I finished up while she put the cupcakes liners in the pan. (not so stressful on the arm). Then she blobbed the mixture in most of the liners. She did get a little tired, plus she found that she liked eating the raw batter. Yuk.

While the cupcakes were baking, she wanted to open the cream cheese cause “I’ve never done this before.” Pour a little confectioner’s sugar in, no stirring at this point because of little fingers eating the sugar. Mmmmmmm. Mixing the sugar and cream cheese was finished by the ole mixer. Yum – then the licking of the beaters began.

Ok, the cupcakes are done, Kate’s eaten one with icing and partially another because “I had eaten off it.” Now she’s almost standing on her head and jumping up and down. Sugar …..makes the world go round.



Comments on: "Cupcakes = FUN" (2)

  1. Yum!!! I love cupcakes. Looks like you had a good helper!

  2. Debbie, sounds delicious…now either you or your chef please tell me the secret of making cornbread the way Mom use to make it.

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