Another day in my world.

The Boys

This morning I broke down and ordered me an iPad 2 – but I had a very good reason to do so.  My husband, the Fisherman, hogs the tv – I mean that remote is glued to his hand and although many times his eyes close and I can hear a little snore, if you touch that remote, he immediately comes to life and says, “I was watching that!”  Yeah, right.  Then little Kate, age 3 ½ that lives with us, goes from the tv, watching taped shows such as “Curious George” and “The Cat in the Hat” – not some of my favorites, but if she sees me remove myself for one second from the stool in front of the laptop she makes a run for that stool and then watches “Max and Ruby” or you-tube videos of “Jack and the Beanstalk” or Michael Grasso from last year’s America’s got Talent.  I can’t win in this house.  I have to entertain myself by other means, such as reading, which I love but just as I sit to read, someone wants something.  The boys – Sam and Boopie – start barking that their water bowl is empty or one needs to go outside to potty or the phone rings or Kate needs a drink or the Fisherman says “Would you care to bring me a…………… (fill in the blank).” 

 I kinda hate to spend so much money on entertainment but when life becomes drastic, you have to take drastic measures.  As L’Oreal says, “I’m worth it.” 


Comments on: "Just between you and me" (1)

  1. Yay for you! That is exciting! You have to treat yourself!

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