Another day in my world.

Age……what does it mean? How are you suppose to feel if your 60? Old? What does old feel like? Does it hurt? I can report that when I bend down to pick up something that I give out a grunt….I heard on the radio this morning that is one sign of getting old. So give me a check on that one.

Saturday morning while cooking breakfast I thought of something I needed at the grocery so I ran over to the cabinet, got paper and pencil and wrote it down. Now the bad news is…I evidently threw away that paper and for the life of me I cannot remember what it was. I mean this has about driven me nuts. I went back to that area of the kitchen, thinking about what I was cooking….no help. So later in the bathroom, I again reviewed my steps and suddenly I thought what it was but by the time I got back to the paper and pencil, “it” was gone. I’m really worried that my mind is slowly seeping away, like air escaping from a balloon.

I am so thankful that I’m in good health. I really have no aches or pains to complain to you about although one of my toes does have a little achy place on it, wanta hear about that? I thought not. I feel really blessed because there is so much sickness everywhere, young and old, that’s why we need to enjoy every day we have.

We have thoroughly been enjoying our garden goodies. We’ve had corn, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and the okra is almost ready. Couldn’t you just founder on these fresh veggies. We love them. I’ve had a few zucchini given to me and I’ve been making quite a few small loaves to give away and eat. I love them but then yesterday I made 3 small loaves of banana nut bread and ohhhh, it was so good. The applesauce makes the bread so moist…guess what? Applesauce is what I had written on the lost grocery list. Ha ha…now see, I’m not losing my mind after all. It has only taken 3 days to remember…applesauce, gotta have it for the banana bread which I made Saturday morning.

Be kind to the elderly and enjoy the day.


Ok, the heat could almost get on a person’s nerves – thank God for air conditioning. One of my co-workers drove home from the city for about 2 hours yesterday after his car’s ac went out. He was still sweating this morning. Are we spoiled or not? I can visit my 88 year old Dad and he’ll say he’s not feeling too good. I then drop a bomb such as “Do you think it has anything to do with the heat in his house?” He says he likes the open door and a fan. Well, I do too but not when it’s in the 90’s. Sometimes you can hardly get your breathe in his house.

We have to have something to grip about, right? That’s life.

As we left church on Sunday, Kate intently watched as some kids were playing out in the grass, running barefoot, chasing one another. She couldn’t take her eyes off of them. Then she looked at me and said, “I hope they don’t get stung by a bee.” I laughed out loud, thinking how much that sounded like something I have said to her. Her little-girl body comes off with these old-woman comments and we get so tickled at her. My son says she sounds just like me….not sure that’s a compliment. If your life ever gets boring, I highly recommend being around a little feller, they can open your eyes to so many things.

Yesterday I picked up a “free” zucchini that someone had brought in from their garden. I cut a few slices, dipped in beaten egg and then cornmeal and fried. Don’t you love that word……..fried? Anything is good fried. If you like green tomatoes, you’ll probably like these – they’re ok but probably won’t make them again. I did make 2 loaves of bread – shredded the zucchini. So pretty with those little shreds of zucchini throughout the bread. My only complaint was the top of the bread looked so dry but I just took a stick of REAL butter and slathered over the top while hot, which took care of that problem.

Here’s the recipe from

Mom’s Zucchini Bread
• 3 cups all-purpose flour
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 1 teaspoon baking soda
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• 3 teaspoons ground cinnamon
• 3 eggs
• 1 cup vegetable oil
• 2 1/4 cups white sugar
• 3 teaspoons vanilla extract
• 2 cups grated zucchini
• 1 cup chopped walnuts
1. Grease and flour two 8 x 4 inch pans. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).
2. Sift flour, salt, baking powder, soda, and cinnamon together in a bowl.
3. Beat eggs, oil, vanilla, and sugar together in a large bowl. Add sifted ingredients to the creamed mixture, and beat well. Stir in zucchini and nuts until well combined. Pour batter into prepared pans.
4. Bake for 40 to 60 minutes, or until tester inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool in pan on rack for 20 minutes. Remove bread from pan, and completely cool.
I made one small change – instead of a cup of oil, I used ½ c oil and ½ c applesauce. This is really a good recipe but a light glaze would be tasty.

Hey, enjoy this day….heat or not…..

Happy 4th of July..

Another day getting closer to the verdict for Casey Anthony. How can you not be all wrapped up in this trial? I feel like many of us will need detoxing after the trial is over.

Kate had her first real haircut last week at almost 4 years old. When wet, it was almost to her waist. We just cut about 2 inches off and it looks good. That little toot has thick hair and washing that everyday is rough sometimes. She is really good at taking a shower and getting her hair washed. We wouldn’t wash it everyday but she sweats and you know how sweaty hair smells. Yuk. I love for her to smell good.

I have recently put a jar of body butter next to the bed stand and at night have been slathering my feet with this wonderful pomegranate aroma. Well now every night little Kate jumps in that bed with the jar of body butter to lather those little brown legs and feet to softness. Doesn’t seem to do much to this old skin.

Kate got up at 6 a.m. this July 4 and was outside with my brother-in-law and My Fisherman picking blackberries. She put her tennis shoes, then off she went to the berry patch. She came back with a cup full of huge blackberries. My brother-in-law has the berry vines nice and neat in a row and keeps the area mowed so it isn’t a prickly patch to pick.

This afternoon we plan to pick green beans – I love to pick when they are tender and throw them in a skillet with a little olive oil and salt and cook for a few minutes. Or steamed. Or on the grill in Reynolds wrap. Anyway – beans are hanging tenderly just waiting for Kate and me to pick. She loves picking anything. We have had about 5 cucumbers and about 3 tomatoes. I peeled and sliced the cucumbers, put in jar of salt water with ice – was planning to keep in frig for our son BUT the Fisherman walked in the house and within ten minutes the jar was empty so I assume he ate them all. Oh well, better luck next time. They are so delicious right out of the garden, sliced and splashed with a little coarse salt.

I have some beautiful dill sprigs in the flower bed. Does anyone have any ideas how to use them instead of making pickles. I don’t make pickles – those days are over for me. I love the smell and have used them in a flower arrangement but I wonder about other ways to cook with them.

Enjoy this beautiful day…let’s be thankful for our blessings.

I’m All Shook Up.

The internet is absolutely gonna be the downfall of my sanity. We had a thunderstorm a week ago Saturday which hit my router and modem. The phone workers came twice on Sunday. I’m sure God knows the mental shape I’m in. Sorry but NO FIX! So after making several calls to the phone office during the week to complain that my internet was still not staying online, I then became ashamed to call again so after business hours I called the help line (to no avail.) So yesterday – now let’s count, that’s 9 days that my internet is sporadic and I don’t have a pill to take for this so the entire family is affected by my outrageous spurts of rage and screaming. Even little Kate is having some withdrawal – no youtube America’s Got Talent – Jeremy Van Schoonhoven (or whatever), no Dylan Plummer the jump rope boy, no Snow White, no Cinderella, no Tom & Jerry no Taylor Swift singing Why you Gotta be so MeanI. People, we are addicted – what can I say.

Another day dawns – I come home from work – no internet. I’m exhausted, my blood pressure starts slowly rising. I wait until my son goes to work (night shift) – please, let’s not even get into how he’s acted over this tragic event. So I call out to the porch to warn My Fisherman that I’m going to call the help line again, which translates to “Keep Kate and yourself out of the house until further notice.” “Ok,” he smiles sweetly, but remember he doesn’t have the addiction.

I call the help line; this sweetest guy is so very helpful but guess what? NO FIX! I keep trying this and that and call the sweet guy back again – we stay on the phone for over 30 minutes but guess what? NO FIX! I then turn the laptop off and breathe deeply. I think “Surely there is life outside the internet.” I look around…I could dust, sweep, do laundry, cook, wash dishes… I stagger to the couch and watch America’s Got Talent – I’m telling you we have seen the same show 3 times in the last 3 days and Kate acts as if she’s going to miss one act – if she has to potty, she says “Poppy, stop the show” so he pushes the pause button until she returns. One problem we have with this show is when a performer starts to sing, she jumps up, grabs her microphone and starts singing in a foreign language. Oh but she is so precious and her Poppy smiles and says “That’s ok.”

So today I think that the problem has to be solved or I’m going to have a breakdown. I call the phone office and calmly explain my problem. The lady asks me several questions, like “is this plugged in, are the lights on this, blah, blah, blah.” I’m so sweet and answer her questions then she says “Hmm, we’ll have someone come out to check the problem.” I am feeling really upbeat cause I know that tonight the problem will be solved. Will let you know – my smile will be dripping online and everybody will be so happy. You’ve heard the “If Mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy” – I’ve heard this is very true at my house.

Another little incident that keeps popping up….. Kate, 3 ½ years old, has started asking me on a daily basis “Are you old?” Now she’s little and we can’t get mad at a precious little girl asking such but EVERYDAY? I’ll say “not really, do you think I am?” And can you believe she’s started saying “Yes.” What’s with this kid? She doesn’t know what old is. I keep thinking that one day I’m just going to have to deal with the old age and accept that…yes, I’m getting old.

Now you may think I’m a gripper but really I’m not but since I’m on a roll, I might share one more little story with you.

About a year ago, I took Kate to a children’s dentist which was almost a 2 hour drive from our home. These were the kindest people that you would ever want to meet. Because of the distance, I decided to try one that is about a 30 minute drive. (bad idea) Our first trip, I had a bad feeling when I walked in the place. The receptionist quickly handed me the old “fill these out” papers. I did, took them back to her and she hands me an appointment for 6 months later….I robotically take the card and sit down. I noticed there were about 4 to 5 ladies cluttered inside the little reception area – not one of them smiled or spoke to me or any of the other parents (that I saw.) Then we finally were called back, Kate’s teeth were checked and the dentist noted some “soft” spots and would see us back in 6 months.

About two weeks later I notice that one of her back teeth had changed and I called to make an appointment for a filling. I called, the good old computer answers – after having the choice to press 1,2,3,4 – I pick one and tell the computer the problem and I need to make an appointment. The next day Miss Not-Gonna-Win-a-Personality-Contest returns my call. She makes an appointment for about 2 ½ months ahead. She repeats 3 times during our very short conversation that I have to pay $40 upfront for the gas for Kate. Ok, I understand that rule. Then I ask if this is going to be dramatic for Kate since she hasn’t had a tooth filled before. She hatefully says, “If you don’t get her all worked up over it, it won’t.”

Ok, Friends, I’m almost 60 and I’ve taken a lot of junk off a lot of people and I think “Is this young cat being rude or what?” I hang up the phone and the more I think about it, the madder I get. So what do I do—– I sit down and write the dear Dr. Dentist a letter telling her of my experience and make her aware of her staff and that I will not be returning to her office ever again. I’m sure my business will not bankrupt her but it might save a future patient.

Ok…you may be thinking that Miss No-Personality may have spilled chocolate down the front of her white blouse that morning, stepped in a mud puddle, broke a nail or had a bad hair day (or her internet could be down) but my response to that is “suck it up, nobody cares….be nice to me.”

Considering all the choices I’ve been given in life, I then called the 2-hour drive dentist and we will be returning. At this stage of my life, I want to be appreciated.

Monster Bread and Stuff

Yummy Monster Bread

All I meant to bake was a nice loaf of French-looking bread….instead I had a monster loaf..I don’t think the picture even does it justice to the size. Why, Deb, did this happen?

Let me explain. I got home about 3. While Kate played on the computer, I went straight to the kitchen…grabbed Ms. Cinnamon Kitchenaid (love this baby) and mixed up some butter buns. Thinking, hmmmm, what about a loaf of French bread instead of rolls. Sooooo, I let the dough rise, then divided it into half and rolled each roll into a jelly roll and then braided the two rolls; thankfully I did use my largest cookie sheet for the final rise. Meanwhile, I had bought a whole tenderloin for about $20 and I sliced about 6 pieces, slapped a little salt and flour, little canola oil in the skillet and fried, yeah we still fry around here in Kentucky. Then I browned a pound of burger and green onions (out of our garden), drained the fat and then mixed in 2 cans of pork n beans with some barbecue sauce and tomato juice (that we made last summer.) Then opened a can of creamed corn – I hate the stuff but everyone else loves it.

Then Kate and I took off to soccer sign ups while the bread rose. I had no idea it would take an hour and a half to sign up. This was our first time and I didn’t know she had to do all these little kicks, runs, etc. In the midst of all this, a thunderstorm sent us to the car for a few minutes. Then Kate had to potty; oh yeah, this is the norm. So we have to drive somewhere to take care of business and then back to the soccer field. After we left there we went by Kollette’s house to give her a few of the cinnabon rolls I’d made the day before. Don’t even get me started – those things are soooo delicious and rich.

Dad Dewey never brags on anything I take him and he actually brought up the subject about how good those rolls were. Whoopeee.

Ok back to the bread……………by the time we got home I could not believe the size of this spread of bread. No need to get in a huff, as Kate would say, so I slathered a little butter (the real thang) on top with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and into the oven it went. Oh, the taste was delicious. There was no reasonable way to slice it so I ripped off a big hunk and opened it half way and spooned some peach preserves. Delicious, especially with that skim milk. What can I say…I may be a genius and just no one has found out yet.

Remember all I’m looking for is a little compliment and if I can’t get it, I’ll just have to toot my own horn. Does anyone toot yours?

Enjoy the pics. I picked up the camera to take a picture of the bread cause I had to share it with you so Kate wanted her pic taken playing drums on the lawn chair with two sticks; then the other pic is My Fisherman’s beautiful flowers at the gate and yes, there are a few weeds but the colors are still beautiful and makes me smile every time I drive down the driveway.

Listen to the beat.....

Smile a little smile for me.

Lil' Sam...ya gotta love him

Great News – my Fisherman has scar tissue in his stomach instead of the two masses that we were told it could be. You talk about a relief – I think I may have an ulcer knot for worrying about two weeks before we found the truth. That’s what the ole cancer bug does to you. Up and down, up and down. Thank God, again, for letting me have him longer. I need him.

His appointment for his scan was on Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. – the drive was 2 ½ hours away. So we decided Kate should spend the night with our friend, Kolette. I had about made myself sick worrying about if she would be satisfied, cry unmercifully, stay up all night, etc. But I cheerfully deposited her at Kolette’s house about 5 p.m. the night before – some kids were swimming so Kate was in for a swim. Throughout the night, Kolette would text me saying Kate had not mentioned our names; then again saying she was afraid Pops and me were thinking we were more important than we actually are; then another text saying Kate was asleep. I was shocked. The next morning she was happy, never asking where the most important people in her life were. Then when I picked her up later at JJ’s house— where she had been driving little cars (Volkswagon, Cadillac, Barbie Jeep) and probably every toy that a little girl could dream having—I drive up, get out of the car….here comes Kate, JJ and Lexie out of the house to go jump on the trampoline….I’m so excited since I hadn’t seen her since the afternoon before, she looks at me, smiles that beautiful smile and trots on to jump on the trampoline. Really made me feel loved. Boo hoo. Later that night she’d say, “I missed my Mimi so bad last night.” I think she was just trying to console my feelings. Ya gotta love that kid.

Then I tell My Fisherman that I’m signing Kate up for soccer. That will be one or two days/nights a week. He yells “NO!” Evidently he thought I was asking his permission in which I replied, “Oh, I’m not asking you, just telling you.” I like to keep him informed. Right now Kate has just finished playing t-ball two nights a week, dance once a week, swim lessons once a week but the ball and swim will be over soon so we need to add another activity. I’m a great believer that children need to stay active. How I would have loved to had her opportunities.

Ok on a little funny note, this story would help if you knew Dewey, my Dad. He will be 89 in September. He has always been a perfectionist bookkeeper of his bills, income,etc. Pays his bills the day he receives them in the mail. (One of my friends once said she never paid a bill until the day it was due just in case she died and then her husband could worry about it and she could spend more money.) I guess that’s one way to look at it. Anyway Dad called me the other day in a snip – said he’d gotten his electric bill and on the back was a big note “Can the Clutter” (which the company is encouraging automatic payment withdrawal.) He thought they were calling him a “Clutterer” and took it personally. He kept saying “That’s not right” in this really serious voice. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about but tried to console him in saying I didn’t think they would pick him out individually and do this. So this morning I was getting ready to pay the electric bill from the same company and there on the back of my envelope it says “Can the Clutter” – now my question is, should I take this personally????? And hoowww did he come up with the idea that they were targeting him personally? Oh me, all I can say is don’t dwell on it.

C’mon, enjoy this day….you’ll never get it back.

Monday, Monday

The weekend was full of storms and rain and wind – although that sounds dreadful, we really needed the rains for our gardens. The bad news is that lightning struck my internet….how dare it….my lifeline. I’ve had the shakes all weekend cause I couldn’t check my email, couldn’t read some blogs that I love and most of all I couldn’t play Words with Friends. So today I’m off to buy another router, probably about $50, oh well, if that was the only problem one had in life. Ha

Kate was a little distressed that she couldn’t use the laptop nor the iPad to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons, Mickey Mouse or Max and Ruby. The child almost has a computer addiction and she isn’t four yet.

Took her to McDonald’s on Saturday to play for awhile since it was so wet outside. She never tires of those climbing, sliding thingamajigs. What do these kids see in these things? She will play with whoever comes along and have a great time. My Fisherman and Kate have a new game they play – Hide n Seek – I think My F. wishes that Kate had never learned this game. As soon as he gets home in the afternoon and his feet hit the ground from the truck, she is saying “Wanna play Hide n Seek?” and somehow that little sweet voice renews his strength and as tired as he is, he usually ends up agreeing to her request. Maybe I should say you don’t have much choice when she decides on something she wants to do. Her “just one time” turns into many times.

My Fisherman and his friend caught some fish yesterday so he brought them home to clean for my brother in law. Kate was so excited – she was sticking her little hand down in the bucket with the slimy seven fish and loved when they jumped – of course, she didn’t know they were desperate for some water. So she smelled like fish which isn’t too appealing.

Made more butter buns and banana bread yesterday after church. The banana bread recipe that I posted earlier is so good. I didn’t use nuts or blueberries this time but it is so moist and tasty, especially with a big glass of skim milk. Then the rolls were perfect – that Ms. Cinnamon Kitchenaid is the berries and I love it. No kneading for me, just throw everything in that baby and let it roll. You can even leave the room if needed – it is heavy enough that it cannot dance off the counter.

My Fisherman is going for further testing in the morning to Louisville. We have to be there at 6:30 a.m. We’ll probably get up around 3 a.m. and leave by 4. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. He has a test and then we come back home and wait for a call from the doctor’s office which could be who-knows-when.

But the sun is almost shining in our southcentral Kentucky area and I’m going to enjoy this day. My Mom’s favorite verse again comes to mind, “This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Hope yours goes as well.

I’m loving receiving a few comments along and along. I hope to respond to each of those so hang in there, my dear Commenters, cause I appreciate you.

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